Police say 20-year old Micah Turner was covered in blood when they arrived on scene after reports of a woman screaming and the sound of a gun shot.

In Rogers County, Owasso Police Department responded to a residence after a woman reported "her son had shot her ex-boyfriend."

"Upon entering, Micah Turner was giving [the ex-boyfriend, CPR in the living room, on the floor," records indicate, adding that an officer took over.

"Micah had blood all over his clothing and hands," police reported.

Police say they asked Turner what happened: "Micah stated they had been having a problem with [the ex-boyfriend] lately, that he had been living in the garage and when they tried to kick him out he wouldn't go. Micah said he had stolen all of their guns, except for the one he used to shoot him with."

Turner reportedly told police he was afraid the man was going to get more violent in the coming days, especially with the quarantine occurring, "so he did what he had to."

Turner said the man had stolen multiple items from them, that he had attempted to extort $1,500 from a family member.

"I knew tonight was going to get violent and I could not wait until he already had a gun either to my mother or brother's head, so knowing officers were on the way, I shot him," Turner reportedly told police.

"I advised Micah he was being placed under arrest for murder. He said 'I'm aware.' Micah then asked if [the ex-boyfriend] was going to survive," according to Owasso PD.

Turner was arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail.

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