The 29 mason jars of THC oil reportedly found in Michael Hutchison’s vehicle were valued at $200,000.

This is according to Rogers County Sheriff’s Office which arrested the 57-year old California man late Wednesday night.

RCSO Deputy Ron Walker reports that he pulled Hutchison over for a traffic violation merging off of the Will Rogers Turnpike.

Walker reported that when he approached the vehicle, Hutchison was nervous, shaking, and had difficulty making eye contact.

“While conducting law enforcement checks I engaged him in conversation and was given a highly implausible story for his reason for traveling,” Walker reported. “He had long pauses when speaking to me, and it appeared he was making it up as he went along.”

Ultimately, Walker reported, a K9 officer was called in to conduct a “free air sniff” of the vehicle, which concluded with a positive alert.

Walker reported that he located two cardboard boxes in the cargo area of the vehicle—inside was 29 mason jars containing a “thick, brownish substance” that later tested positive for THC.

Walker said he “recognized it to be THC oil, or compound, which is very expensive and in great demand.”

RCSO reports show this quantity of THC oil to be valued at $200,000.

Hutchison was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, but RCSO said additional charges could be filed at a later date.