Mark Dietrich

A widely-circulated Facebook post and a comment threatening the murder of police families has been deleted from popular community pages in Claremore after a felony arrest was made.

The original post detailed police interaction with two dogs at a Claremore residence.

It wasn’t long after the post began to circulate, accusing the officers of misconduct, that Claremore Police Department issued a statement.

CPD states:

“This past Friday, Claremore Police officers were called to a home on the city’s south side for a disturbance. Officers found an argument between two people and a man hitting himself with a shovel. As officers approached, two Pit Bull dogs were released from the home of the suspects.”

CPD says, “The dogs charged the two officers, forcing officers to use deadly force to protect themselves. One of the dogs was euthanized by a veterinarian; the other ran from the area and was located later for treatment.”

No arrests were made on scene but an individual was treated by medics for self-inflicted injuries, according to CPD.

“The next day, one of the individuals involved in the original disturbance published to social media a version of events relating to the police response to the incident. A comment was added to that post threatening to murder the families of the involved police officers,” CPD stated in their release. “Detectives confirmed that 18-year old Mark Anthony Dietrich posted the death threat.”

They said Dietrich was arrested for the threat and for the felony crime of violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act, “a statute that prohibits using computers, smartphones, and social media to convey his death threat.”

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