Claremore Police Department

Recent events have brought old scams back to life and seen the creation of new ones preying on the emotional.

"There have been a lot of calls going around right now asking people to donate to police associations. Unfortunately, we've had the tragedy in Tulsa where a Tulsa police officer was killed," said Chief Stan Brown. "and I think some of these organizations are trying to take advantage of that situation and how emotional everyone is about it."

Brown said many of these organizations that are soliciting donations are not legitimate, and the ones that are do not donate locally.

"Claremore Police Department is not associated with anybody that would ever call and ask for donations. That is not us calling and it is not on our behalf," he said. "If anybody ever wanted to donate, my suggestion would be to go directly to your local police or fire department. If you're sending donations over the phone you don't' know the credibility or where the money goes."

Brown added, “It’s disheartening to know people see a tragedy and try to profit off of it.”

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