Raychel Higeons

Police have arrested a woman who allegedly struck her boyfriend with a car saying she only did it to scare him.

A man reported to Claremore Police Department that his girlfriend had hit him with her car in the NeMar shopping center parking lot Monday.

CPD investigations resulted in the arrest of 38-year old Raychel Higeons.

“Officers located a witness who stated that he observed the driver of the vehicle, Higeons, that struck [the alleged victim] swerved at him once in an apparent attempt to hit him with the vehicle, then swerved wide around the parking lot and actually hitting him on the second attempt,” according to CPD reports.

Officers report that they located video surveillance footage that shows Higeons speeding through the parking lot in a “wide arc that circled towards [the alleged victim] before hitting him.”

Later, Higeons told officers the had been in a dating relationship for three months and that the incident came after a physical altercation.

Higeons allegedly told officers she was disoriented and “thought she may have swerved at him once before hitting him,” and that “she drove towards him in an attempt to scare him and he jumped into the windshield.”

CPD reports that the man received multiple serious injuries including lacerations, a broken leg and head injury.

Higeons was arrested for domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a felony.

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