Proposed road

A proposed road from Verdigris to Claremore is being discussed in a public meeting next week.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 6 p.m. at the Rogers County Building located at 416 S. Brady in Claremore.

"The City of Claremore's Master Street Plan and Comprehensive Plan that were initially approved back in 2006 showed a north/south corridor. It was a conceptual line showing that Claremore had a need for a north/south connection, on the southwest area of the city, west of the tracks," said Director of Planning and Development Jill Ferenc. "So we've had that in the city's plans, that were based on a lot of public input, for over a decade. Rogers County and their leadership has seen a need for providing better access through the country from Verdigris to Claremore to help relieve traffic congestion and open up development in that area."

Ferenc said all of the entities involved commissioned to hire Guy Engineering to do a corridor study and look at the area and "propose alternative alignment options" for where the road could go based on future development and utility location.

She said during Tuesday's meeting they will provide some background information that led up to the study, the purpose of their study and show their initial concept of where the new north/south road could be.

While there are funding options, she said, no funding has been earmarked for this project as it is still in the preliminary stages.