Bill Flanagan

Claremore Mayor Bill Flanagan discusses his biggest challenge in 2020, his goals for 2021, how to make a positive impact and what makes Claremore special.

1. Looking back on 2020, what was the biggest challenge/how did you overcome that challenge?

Looking back over 2020, I initially had some serious health issues that I had to overcome, then COVID hit during my recovery. The pandemic has required all of us (not only our community, but our country), to learn how to deal with this serious virus when we thought it would be short-lived. No one ever thought it would develop into the circumstances we are facing today. Fortunately, we now have a vaccine combined with safety procedures that gives us hope for a better future.

2. Looking onto 2021, what are your goals as the Mayor?

Looking forward, we want our citizens and businesses to begin to recover from the effects of 2020 and prosper. We were able to borrow $20 million at record-low interest rates which will allow us to improve transportation, electric, water and infrastructure now and for many years to come. We want to continue to create a positive environment for the growth of our community, our businesses and our future.

3. How can residents make a positive impact on Claremore?

We welcome input from our citizens at any time. There are times when we will not always agree, but healthy and respectful conversations are beneficial to all concerned. I would encourage citizens to volunteer or get involved in your specific areas of interest in the community so you can help make positive impacts. Whether it’s a church, a school or a non-profit agency, our volunteers are what adds value to this community.

4. What is something you wished every resident knew about Claremore?

Claremore is a thriving community with good schools, churches, local businesses, restaurants, recreation, tourism and state-of-the art museums. Combined with great people, this makes us the best place in OK to live, work and raise a family.

5. In what areas would you like to see Claremore grow?

I would like to see Claremore grow in several areas including: local business, more housing, available jobs that require high-level skill, and working with local and state entities to promote more tourism to our community.

Basic Info:

Hometown – Hugo OK

School/Education – Hugo HS, Southeastern University, Durant, B.S. Accounting

Time in position – Dec. 2013 – present (Mayor); served 2yrs previously (2011 – 2013) as

Deputy Mayor on City Council under Mayor Mickey Perry.

Hobbies – Spending time with grandkids, traveling during non-COVID times, following OU & OSU football and watching the Dallas Cowboys.

Contact info –

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