Paul Monroe Bryan was shot and killed by a Rogers County deputy following a traffic stop and pursuit. A deputy is on paid administrative leave following the death of the 48-year old man Tuesday.

“About 2 a.m. Tuesday, one of our deputies attempted to stop a vehicle on I-44 and 161st East Avenue, in Catoosa, in Rogers County” said Sheriff Scott Walton. “The vehicle had pulled out into the intersection, tag light was dim and the tag was expired on the vehicle. So the deputy was going to stop the vehicle.”

He said the vehicle continued west from there but did not stop.

Two other deputies joined the pursuit.

“At 129th East Avenue, in the Tulsa city limits, the vehicle intentionally rams one of our deputy’s vehicles in the driver’s side door,” Walton said. “He continued about an eighth of a mile and ran off the roadway. Deputies run up to the vehicle. The driver exits his vehicle and charges the three deputies. They fight with him.”

Walton said in the fight Bryan attempts to grab the deputy’s holstered weapon.

“They’re fighting over the gun,”Walton said. “It was at that point one of the deputies shoots the suspect in the side and he dies.”

Walton said Bryan’s next of kin was notified of the incident late Tuesday.

“Why he ran, we don’t know. Why he fought, we don’t know,” Walton said. “We have placed one deputy on administrative leave.”

No Rogers County deputies were injured in the incident.

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