REAL IDs available in Claremore

A systematic rollout of the REAL ID system has made its way to Claremore this week.

Oklahomans are not required to get a REAL ID compliant license but anyone who plans to fly domestically or access federal facilities or military basis will be required to have one.

Sarah Stewart, Director of Media Operations for the Department of Public Safety, told the Progress that the state has been implementing the system and as of this week it is available in Claremore at the tag office and DPS office.

"This is a completely new system for us. When you come in now if you want the REAL ID you have to bring in proof of identity— like a certified copy of a birth certificate, a certified copy of a social security card—and two proofs of residency that have your name and address," explained Stewart. "If you've ever had a name change because of adoption, marriage or divorce, you have to bring in proof of that name change—like a marriage certificate or divorce decree."

She said this information is retained and stored at the state level.

She said traditionally, when people go to get an ID, they leave with their new ID in hand. But that's not the case for the new REAL IDs.

"When you leave our offices you will walk out with a temporary paper ID or license," she said. "It's different, you used to leave with your license. This takes approximately 10 business days to be delivered to the mail to you."

She said due to the way state legislation was written, Oklahomans have the option of getting a REAL ID-compliant license or a non-REAL ID compliant license.

She said the two cost the same and will look the same except for one feature.

"The REAL ID compliant license will have a gold star in the right hand corner. The others will say 'Not for REAL ID purposes," she said, adding that some people choose the non-REAL ID compliant route because they do not want to provide the required information to the state.

"The way the law was passed, they made it so that we had to give people an option if they didn't' want it. Some states went Real ID only, but our legislature made the decision to give residents that option," Stewart told the Progress.

The federal deadline to get a REAL ID for those who will need one isn't until October 1, 2021 so there's no real rush.

"You can still use your current Oklahoma license to get on an airplane for domestic travel until Oct. 1, 2021 so there's really not a rush. If your license isn't expiring any time soon or if you have a passport or military or some other form of Real ID compliant ID you don't have to rush out and get it. You can wait until your license expires," she said. "In fact, we encourage people to do that, since we have seen some long lines. Since it's a new system, it occasionally goes a little slower."

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