A Rogers County deputy was shot during an altercation with a suspect just before midnight Tuesday.

According to Sheriff Scott Walton, Rogers County Sheriff's Department was assisting Oologah Police Department on a call, of a man "armed with a screwdriver" who was said to be "after his father."

Walton said, "They'd made contact with the suspect and there was a failed attempt to tase him. He ran into a sheet metal building and barricaded himself there."

With the door closed, Walton said law enforcement "didn't know exactly what they were dealing with," but added that both RCSO and Oologah Police Department has had interactions with him in the past.

"He then comes out of the building, deputies have their weapons drawn. He charged them and there was a struggle over the weapon," Walton said. "Two shots were fired in the struggle…one of those rounds strikes our deputy in the side."

Walton said it was a superficial wound and that the deputy was treated and released.

The suspect is being treated, will be released, and is anticipated to be booked into the Rogers County Jail Wednesday afternoon.

At this time, Walton said it is unclear what caused the man's injuries.

More information about the individual involved will be released as it becomes available.