Rogers County Election Board

Rogers County voter registration numbers are ones worth bragging about.

Rogers County Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody shared the most recent numbers with the County Commissioners Monday morning—showing them where Rogers County ranks among other counties in the state.

"Rogers County is setting the bar as far as the amount of registered voters we have. We have 85% of our population registered, and of those 61% voted in the last election," Dermody said. "Those numbers are way higher than everyone else and that's looking at counties that are of comparable size."

Dermody said she sees other counties struggling with registration, engagement—or both.

She provided the commissioners a report that shows Rogers County having 56,684 registered voters which represents a significant increase over the number of voters in the last four general elections.

Using the numbers provided, Dermody said she can look at nearby counties, and counties statewide of similar size.

Mayes County, for example, has 22,214 registered voters, representing 71% of the population. Of those, 15,717 people, or 71% of the registered voters, voted in the last election.

Craig County shows a total of 8,186 registered voters, which represents 72% of the county's population.

Wagoner County's 42,587 registered voters represent 73% of their population.

"There are five counties that have 60% or better voting in the last election, the other four have less than 12,000 people in them. We're definitely setting the bar high," she said.

When asked what Rogers County Election Board is doing differently, Dermody said, "We have a lot of little things we do that, I think, all add up."

"We go to the schools once or twice a year to do voter registration drives. I try to make sure we have at least one article a month in the county newspapers. We have a Facebook page and website, which is one of the best in the country.We try to make early voting fun. We have our self stations here for people and we post pictures on our Facebook of 18-year olds that come to register (with their permission). They often share it on their page. We're at the college every chance we get, once or twice a year," she said.

She said they set up at local events like the Rogers County Fair and the Bluegrass & Chili Festival.

Any time a group wants to have a voter registration drive, Dermody said she makes sure they have all the tools and information they need at their fingertips to ensure things go smoothly.

Dermody said she's been tracking voter trends and has noticed, "During gubernatorial elections we have had about a 20-22% decrease when the incumbent is running. So this next election we are expecting a 20-25% increase than we had four years ago."

Rogers County voters are engaged, she said, and that's something the entire county can be proud of.

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