A Rogers County man has been arrested on felony rape allegations.

On Friday, Gary Don Sumter, 57, Big Cabin, was arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail for first degree rape and kidnapping.

Though the district attorney's office has not yet filed charges, jail records show bond is currently set at $75,000.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office records show that the alleged victim, and a co-worker, arrived at property owned by Sumter, in Chelsea, to locate underground cable per a work order.

RCSO records note that "She said she immediately recognized [Sumter] had been drinking" and that "Sumter was overly-friendly with her and would not leave her alone."

The two reportedly told investigators that Sumter repeatedly referred to an abandoned rock cellar on his property.

"She stated that Sumter began asking her inappropriate questions as she worked, such as if she was married or divorced and if she liked to have sex. She told him these answers were none of his business," the investigator reports."

With the work complete, the woman reported that her co-worker left and she remained in her vehicle finishing paperwork.

She reported that Sumter kept making advances towards her and forced himself in the vehicle. She described an altercation in which Sumter forced his way into the vehicle, grabbed her neck and kissed her."

Investigators later questioned Sumter who "would not admit to any wrongdoings," according to RCSO reports.

"He admitted he was attracted to [the alleged victim]… He continually said he did not physically touch her or kiss her at all."

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