Rogers State University officials have informed students currently enrolled in its Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) programs that the university is taking initial steps to phase out these programs. 

The university is fully committed to teaching out the remainder of each program to those students currently enrolled. There are less than 30 students who are currently enrolled in the EMT/EMS programs, and RSU is not accepting new applicants for these programs. 

The RSU EMS program has been widely recognized for academic excellence, as well as for the high quality of its graduates. Enrollment in the program, however, has been in decline and the university has been unable to compete on cost with technical center programs and community college programs that can offer Emergency Medical Technician certification at a much lower cost.

The cost of funding the EMT/EMS program combined with low enrollments have prompted the university to begin steps to phase out the program, so that it can concentrate its resources on adding new programs or growing existing programs.