Sales tax renewal to appear on February ballot

Claremore voters will soon be asked to vote on the renewal of an existing one-cent sales tax.

City Manager Jim Thomas said a long-standing one cent tax, that generates some $3.8 million annually, is up for renewal.

Thomas said, “Of this penny: two-tenths goes to the fire department, two-tenths goes to the police department, two-tenths goes to parks and rec, and four-tenths goes to capital improvements.”

He added, “It has been on the books for quite a while, this will be a renewal. It’s existing, it’s not a new tax.”

Claremore City Council was told that as of now this will be the only item on the ballot in February, but that there’s still a little time left for that to change before the filing deadline.

They were reminded that the city cannot spend money on promotion of yes-votes, but can put efforts into educating citizens on what the tax is for.

“It’s an important penny. It’s spent wisely. We bought police cars, fire engines, it’s money well spent. It’s a good investment and I think the public will continue to support it,” Thomas said.

The ordinance outlines that, if renewed, the tax would remain in effect for a period of 10 years, starting July 1, 2020.

The council approved the ordinance and agreed to place the renewal on the February ballot.

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