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Construction to prevent rainwater from leaking into the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office is set to begin “any day now”.

A bid of $181,504 from Candor Construction Management to repair the stucco surrounding the building was approved by Rogers County Commissioners on Oct. 4. Commissioners purchased the building — previously a historic U.S. Postal Office — just over five years ago.

Undersheriff John Sappington said the cost of the project will protect the county’s investment in the 114 S. Missouri Ave. building.

“The issues we’ve been dealing with is essentially almost every time it rains, we are getting residual water down in the basement,” Sappington said. “It’s not going to take long before we start dealing with mold and mildew issues.… We’ve already removed staff from some of those areas to prevent any potential medical issues due to the environment, but we’ve got to resolve this before we let it go too long.”

Construction will remove the ramp in the back of the building and seal the concrete to prevent water leaking into the building. Sappington said he believes the large ramp and cracks in the back wall are causing some of the water leakage.

The wheelchair ramp will be replaced with an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant hydraulic lift. County Commissioner Dan Delozier said the job will be extensive.

“They are going to have to do a lot of busting of the old concrete off,” Delozier said. “The sidewalks on the back side of the Sheriff’s Office and the old wheelchair ramp, they are going to take all of that off and completely redo it with a lift. Then they are going to go all the way around the building and any problem that we’ve got on the outside they are going to go ahead and bust off and completely redo.”

Neither Sappington or Delozier knew the exact timeline for the project, but Delozier said “they should be starting any day now.”

“When they’re done, it won’t leak downstairs anymore,” Delozier said.

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