Pastor Roy Shoop, Inola, has been arrested on six counts of lewd/indecent proposals to a minor and two counts of rape by instrumentation.

Deputies with Rogers County Sheriff's Office arrested the 55-year old man at his home on Wednesday.

"This investigation started several months ago after we received some information out of Mayes County," said Sheriff Scott Walton. "At that time there was only one victim but as we looked into it another was discovered. And as we looked into that a third victim was discovered."

Walton said all three alleged victims are under the age of 16.

"They have nothing in common except they're victims of Roy Shoop," Walton said. "They weren't friends, they didn't know each other."

After a warrant was served and time came to arrest Shoop, Walton said, "he was not cooperative, nor was his wife or his son."

Walton said by Thursday morning Shoop had already bonded out.

Walton said he doesn't think this is the end of the investigation.

The concerning part, Walton said, "is that we've investigated from October 2018 to January this year on him, with only us looking into it, and we already have three cases. I certainly believe there's more but we won't know unless somebody comes forward."

Walton continued, "We'd like to ask anybody who thinks they know a victim or who was a victim to step forward and work with us. We came a long way in a few months. It's disheartening to see somebody in a position of trust prey on innocent young girls...Our job is to protect young, innocent, girls not keep people that hide behind a title out of jail."

This is an arrest only as charges have not yet been filed in Rogers County District Court.

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