Shots were fired, punches were thrown and a dog was killed during a Claremore home invasion.

This is all according to Rogers County Sheriff’s Office who reports that they responded to a home invasion where they were told by three females, that three males had kicked in the front door.

“I was told that the male subjects had kicked in the front door and the dog ran at them,” the responding deputy reported. “One of the males shot the dog, killing it. The male suspects demanded money and dope.”

One of the women told deputies she ran out the back door and that one of the men chased after her, grabbed her by the shirt and put a gun to her head, according to RCSO.

“She said he took her back inside and she gave him her wallet,” the deputy reports.

Another of the woman said “one of the male suspects said ‘where is the money? And where is the dope?’ And I said we do not have money or dope.’”

The male reportedly “struck the woman in the face and several more shots were fired, she thought.”

The women told deputies the men left in a black vehicle headed north from the residence and that at least two of the men were armed with handguns.

RCSO said the alleged incident is under investigation.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.