Methamphetamine, security cameras, burglary and shots fired were all noted in police reports that end with a felony child neglect arrest.

Reports of a burglary in progress with shots fired drew the attention of Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

"Lewis Stephens stated that a man was at his residence and had stolen several coins from him. Lewis fired several shots at Ricky as he was fleeing the scene," according to RCSO records, which note that Tabitha Tamayo also lives in the residence.

Parties involved reportedly told officers they had used methamphetamine and that there more inside the residence.

"Lewis escorted Investigator Haning and I into his bathroom and provided me with a spoon, which contained a white powdery substance, a clear glass smoking device which contained a burnt residue, a clear plastic baggie which contained a white powdery substance, a hypodermic needle, and an unknown liquid," reports Deputy Stephens.

The deputy reported that field tests confirmed the presence of methamphetamine.

During the investigation, deputies learned that a "13-year old juvenile was present in the home, for visitation, while the parties involved were there using drugs."

The deputy also notes that "Lewis has a security camera set up while there are drugs in the residence and being used in the residence."

Tamayo and Lewis Stephens were arrested for child neglect, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with security camera.

Lewis Stephens was also arrested for a felony allegation of shooting with intent to kill.

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