A horde of stolen property was recovered from a Tulsa business where the owner was a reportedly paying his employees in cocaine, pills and marijuana.

Felony charges were filed against Nanak Dav Dutta and Jeremy Cupps in Rogers County District Court this week.

Rogers County Court records show the investigation started Oct. 5, 2017 following a burglary at a Catoosa construction company.

Days later the suspect in that robbery was identified as Jeremy Cupps. Records show Cupps resided in Catoosa, at Gill Express Truck Wash, which is owned and managed by Nanak Dav Dutta.

On scene, in attempt to make contact with Cupps, deputies were directed to the back of the business, where several individual living quarters were located.

Deputies observed firearms, power tools and marijuana in plain view in the living quarters.

Also on site was the vehicle matching the description of one used in the Catoosa burglary. Investigators with Rogers County Sheriff's Office said the vehicle had previously been reported stolen from the Tulsa Airport Authority.

An additional search warrant was sought and served on the business on the same day.

Deputies seized approximately 133 items from the business including power tools, hand tools, construction equipment, firearms, three vehicles, two trailers, business video surveillance system, narcotics and cash. RCSO reports that several of these items were identified as being stolen from surrounding areas including Rogers County.

"A total of eight companies were identified as being victims, and some of these companies were victimized multiple times," RCSO reports. "A total of 14 burglary reports were obtained from Catoosa Police Department, Tulsa Police Department and Rogers County Sheriff's Office listing multiple stolen items recovered during the search warrant of Gills Truck Wash."

During an interview with deputies, Cupps reportedly admitted to stealing items from the Catoosa construction company and said items were sold within an hour of the theft.

Cupps told investigators he worked for Dutta, but not at the business. He said he helps Dutta "with his personal business."

"Cupps reported that most of the stolen property was obtained by the owner, Dutta, through a series of drug transactions with several individuals. He advised that not all of the property was stolen because it was traded to [Dutta] in exchange for narcotics," RCSO records show. "Individuals commonly go to Gills Truck Wash for the sole purpose of purchasing narcotics from [Dutta], who commonly sells pills, cocaine and marijuana—but the majority of his sales are pills."

Cupps allegedly told law enforcement that Dutta "takes money out of employees checks for narcotics provided to employees…and that sometimes employees don't receive checks due to the amount of narcotics supplied to them by Dutta."

Later, a search warrant was sought and obtained for Cupps' cell phone, on which investigators report locating videos showing employees of the truck wash doing work in exchange for narcotics.

"In the video was [Dutta] sitting on a couch in the truck wash office… retrieving small items from a white bag sitting next to him, handing them out to employees," records show.

Dutta is facing possible charges of: conspiracy to deliver a controlled dangerous substance, distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, acquiring proceeds from drug activity and seven counts of knowingly concealing stolen property.

Cupps is facing possible charges of: conspiracy to deliver a controlled dangerous substance, distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, acquiring proceeds from drug activity, possession of firearm after former felony conviction, possession of stolen vehicle and eight counts of knowingly concealing stolen property.