Dress code

Student comments caused Claremore school officials to re-evaluate the district dress code resulting in changes released in anticipation of shopping for the upcoming school year.

Claremore High School loosened its dress code restrictions regarding shorts, skirts and dresses for the upcoming school year.

The old rule was that shorts, skirts and dresses could be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

“Students had a difficult time measuring this and buying clothes that satisfied this. Depending on the body type, some students with long legs never wore shorts because they couldn't find them this long,” Principal Kerri Garroutte said. “The admin researched online and in stores and found that the majority of shorts are sold by the inseam.”

The new, gender equitable rule is that shorts must have a 5-inch or longer inseam and the minimum length requirement for dresses and skirts is half way between the knee and the top of the leg.

“We googled 5-inch shorts at major retailers in the area and they all have them available,” Garroutte said.

This policy does not impact the rules on athletic wear while in practice or an athletic class.

“Students may wear the athletic gear that is appropriate and standard for that sport,” Garroutte said.

The new policy is more equitable across genders and body types, Garroutte said, but it still may not be perfect in all cases.

“There is never a one size fits all," Garroutte said. “I have an open door policy and students and/or parents are always welcome to come talk to me regarding this or anything else.”

“As a principal, I have either heard directly or indirectly of the concerns the students were voicing on the dress code,” Garroutte said, adding that all school policies are reviewed and updated every year. “The comments made by the students caused me to re-evaluate the dress code and try to make it more equitable and convenient since they can be found at most stores.”

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