Zachery Vaughan

After nearly running over two deputies, an Oologah man was arrested at gunpoint.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office said Zachery Vaughan, 22, was arrested for multiple felony and misdemeanor offices after "attempting to kill" deputies.

RCSO reports show deputies were blocking traffic following a wreck on 300 Road in Talala.

"As I neared the area I observed a semi tractor pulling a trailer off to the west side of U.S. Highway 169. The semi trailer had left the roadway, traveled through a barbed wire fence, through a wooden high line power pole an caught on fire," reported Deputy Lee, who added that traffic control was set up on both sides of the wreck site, that traffic was backed up for miles and traffic was being diverted down county roads.

"RCSO's Lt. Walker set up at Highway 600 and county road 300, blocking the roadway with his patrol vehicle, with his emergency lights activated, diverting traffic," Lee reports.

Lee reports that he was personally set up at Highway 169 and 290 Road and was also diverting traffic around the wreck site where Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers, Verdigris Valley Electrical workers, tow truck drivers, and news media were working.

Lee said it was around 4 a.m. when he heard Walker's voice come over the radio, "I could hear in his voice his message was urgent and he believed he had just teen struck. He told me a small pickup truck had just ran through his road block nearly striking him and was headed for people at the wreck scene."

Lee said he saw the headlights and the vehicle speeding towards him. He stood near his patrol vehicle and said "the vehicle began to travel left of center as if it was going to strike where I stood."

"Knowing I had no true cover anywhere close, other than my vehicle, I decided to stand behind the engine block. As I did this, the suspect's vehicle came back from left-of-center towards me. Fearing he was intentionally targeting me and going to try to strike me with his vehicle, I drew my sidearm and pointed it towards the vehicle an began screaming for it to stop."

But Vaughn didn't stop.

At the last second, Vaughn reportedly veered of course enough that he did not hit the patrol vehicle, but did clip Lee's arm and hip which knocked him backwards into his vehicle.

Lee reported that the driver wasn't looking at him, he was looking straight ahead down the roadway.

With his weapon still drawn, deputy Lee said he approached the vehicle shouting at Vaughn to exit the vehicle and get on the ground.

"I was repeating these commands over and over. Vaughan was ignoring me, sitting in the driver's seat just looking at me," Lee reported. "Vaughan took one deep breath, looked quickly and dramatically at me before suddenly exiting the driver's side door of the truck towards me in a very aggressive manner. He was leaning forward towards me with his chest stuck out and gesturing his hands forward saying 'What?'"

Lee said he took a few steps towards Vaughan, weapon still drawn, and ordered him onto the ground. He said Vaughan complied but was looking around quickly as if "trying to quickly find an escape route and run from me."

When Lee saw the man attempting to get back up, he holstered his weapon and shoved him to the ground, he reported.

The altercation came to blows and Lee attempted to radio dispatch to alert them to the fight.

"Vaughan began to struggle even harder knowing I didn’t have both hands to control him and knocked my radio away from me and into the roadway," Lee reported.

Ultimately, Vaughan was placed in handcuffs.

"The very next sound made by either of us as I finished securing the handcuffs was Vaughan saying 'Man, I didn't mean to hit you with my truck,'" Lee reported. "I asked Vaughan what was wrong with him and why he almost killed my partner and me. He said, "I don't know…I'm just tired."

Vaughan was arrested for aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, two counts of running a road block, a felony, and resisting arrest.

Inside Vaughan's vehicle, deputies found "a Ruger .45 revolver, a Ruger semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol…two loaded magazines—one with nine live rounds and one with 10 live rounds."

Bond was set at $26,000.

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