George Adams

Officers noted the .40 caliber handgun and the odor of whiskey when they arrested George Adams just after 3:45 a.m. Thursday.

This is according to Rogers County Sheriff's Office whose reports show they were dispatched to Chelsea in regards to a man, Adams, threatening to kill his daughter's boyfriend.

Deputies made contact with Adams and learned the gun was in the glove box of the vehicle in which Adams was a passenger, records show.

"I asked George what had happened tonight. He said blatantly to me, 'Well I was going to kill [the boyfriend]. Dad is a jealous dad and I was going to shoot to kill,'" the deputy reported.

Adams reportedly disclosed that the individual in question was dating his 22-year old daughter and that he was upset the daughter didn't call or come by to see him. Adams blamed the boyfriend.

"He said he was now going to 'kill him' and 'shoot him dead.' He went so far as to say 'I have a gun in my floe box there loaded. It's a 40 and I'll shoot to kill,'" the deputy reported.

According to RCSO records, Adams disclosed that he had been drinking whiskey and that he was intoxicated.

The deputy wrote, "I transported him to Rogers County Jail. As I did, he would not stop talking. He would continually say, 'I'll kill him next time,' and 'I should have just killed him and not talked to the police, this won't happen again.'"

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