Claremore Police Department said the incident started with a post made online and a juvenile’s refusal to provide a phone’s password.

Adrak Archie, Claremore, 33, was arrested on felony allegations of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon this weekend. While he was arrested Saturday, charges have not yet been filed by the Rogers County District Attorney’s Office.

CPD reports say Archie “got upset about a post online and took [the alleged victim’s] phone away.”

Archie reportedly asked a juvenile what the pass code was to unlock the phone and the juvenile did not provide it, according to CPD.

When he did not get the password, “Archie verbally stated he was going to beat up the children and started walking towards them” when [the alleged victim] was able to get between them and get him to leave the residence.

Archie returned to the residence and said he was “going to cut somebody today.”

A few minutes later he said “someone is going to die today,” then walked across the room to pick up a pair of shorts with a knife in the pocket, pulled the knife from the pocket and said “I think it is going to be you.”

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