Police say a 15-year old alleged kidnapping and rape victim was banging on a second story window and screaming for help when they arrived.

This is according to Rogers County Sheriff's Office who reports making an arrest in the case this afternoon.

James Thomas Hurt, 53, Owasso, was arrested on felony kidnapping and first degree rape charges. RCSO records show they responded to an Owasso address, within Rogers County, for a reported kidnapping victim who allegedly told law enforcement she was being helped against her will after being taken from Tulsa.

The juvenile is quoted in telling law enforcement she had found a cell phone to call 911, that she was in an upstairs room in a small house next to a house, that the name of the man holding her was JT and that he had a gun. Records state a deputy arrived at the residence and found Hurt in the front yard.

"I asked him to walk towards me, but he did not listen to my command," Deputy Morris reported. "Due to the location of the suspect, I was unable to see his hands. I then ordered the suspect at gunpoint to show me his hands and walk to me."

Hurt was then taken into custody. When asked if there was a girl on the property, Hurt reportedly told the deputy he had a friend sleeping upstairs.

"As I approached the residence I observed [the juvenile] banging on a window upstairs and screaming for help," Morris reported. "I told her who I was and she was safe to come out. As she exited the room she had a busted bloody lip and bruising around her wrist."

The deputy reports that the juvenile was "crying hysterically" and said she had been "tied up and raped for the last two days."

The affidavit filed in the case states that Hurt said, "I thought she was a hooker."

He reportedly said he thought the girl was 19-years old and that "they had sexual intercourse a couple of times over the past two days."

When asked about the previously-noted gun, Hurt allegedly stated, "I showed her a fake gun and threw it away in a dumpster in Owasso somewhere."