At 5 p.m. Friday the window to file a declaration of candidacy closed in both Rogers County and the state election board.

The Oklahoma State Election Board was keeping a running total during the three day filing period. As of 11 a.m. Friday, day three of filing, they reported that 52 candidates had filed for office that day, bringing the three day total to 652, with several hours remaining.

Friday morning the state election board said they had hit something of a milestone: "600 candidates filing in first two days this year: We can’t say this is an all-time record. Our detailed candidate stats only go back to 2000. But we have already passed the 3-day high for candidate filing since 2000, which was 594 candidates in 2006."

Candidates include:

Rogers County Assessor

Scott Marsh (R)

Salesha Wilken (R)

Rogers County Treasurer

Jason Carini (R)

Rogers County Commissioner District 1

Dan Delozier (D)

Dennis Grace (R)

Rogers County Commissioner District 3

Ron Burrows (R)

Patrick Box (R)

District 12 District Judge, office 1

Shawn Taylor

Misty Fields

District 12 District Judge, office 2

Sheila Condren

District 12 District Judge, office 3

Stephen Pazzo

Associate District Judge- Rogers County

Kassie McCoy

Stanton Harrell

District Attorney District 12

Matthew Ballard

State Senator District 2

Jennifer Esau (D)

Marty Quinn (R)

Barbara Crisp (R)

State Representative District 8

Darrell Moore (D)

Tom Gann (R)

Carl Parson (R)

State Representative District 9

Clay Layton (D)

Mark Lepak (R)