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Hern, Mullin win in landslides; county votes favor republicans

A little over one million Oklahomans voted in the midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Fifty-four percent elected Republican Kevin Stitt as the new Governor of Oklahoma.

Opponents Democrat Drew Edmondson and Libertarian Chris Powell received 42.2 and 3.4 percent respectively.

In his acceptance speech, Stitt said, “Our state has been through a difficult few years. These hardships did not evolve overnight. They were decades in the making. But it is time to end this cycle. It is time to take hold of our nation’s improving economy, and push the doors wide open for all four million Oklahomans to access prosperity, growth and a brighter future.”

Republican Matt Pinnell handily won the seat of Lieutenant Governor by 61.9 percent.

Republican Cindy Byrd won the position of State Auditor and Inspector by 75.8 percent and Incumbent Republican Mike Hunter was relected as the the State Attorney General by 64 percent.

Superintendent Joy Hofmeister will remain in her seat after taking home 58.5 percent of the vote.

Commissioner of Labor went to Republican Leslie Osborn. Insurance Commissioner went to Republican Glen Mulready. And Corporation Commissioner went to Republican Bob Anthony.

All of the Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices were kept in their positions.

More state election results can be found on the Oklahoma Election Board website.

How Rogers County voted

Approximately 33,000 people voted in Rogers County Tuesday.

County voters came out in favor of Stitt at 64.7 percent. Pinnell pulled 72.5 percent.

U.S. Representative District 1 went to Republican Kevin Hern over Democrat Tim Gilpin by 72.4 percent.

In a Facebook post, Hern wrote, “Thank you, Oklahoma! I am deeply appreciative of your support in this election, and I'm ready to go to Congress to fight for you and our district. Let's get to work!”

U.S. Representative District 2 went to Republican Markwayne Mullin at 68.7 percent, followed by Democrat Jason Nichols at 25.1 percent, Independent John Foreman at 3.4 percent and Libertarian Richard Castaldo at 2.8 percent.

“What a great turnout in our district tonight! Thank you to those who showed up to the polls. Thank you to my family, our team, as well as all the volunteers and supporters. I look forward to working for you in Washington. Love the people, Love the call,” Mullin wrote on Facebook Tuesday night.

Incumbent Marty Quinn retook State Senate District 2 by 63.6 percent. Quinn said, “Thank you! Thank you so much to our supporters and volunteers who helped make tonight possible! Kelley and I appreciate everyone who has given their time, donations, and prayers over this campaign and we are very proud of the race we ran. This would not be possible without you all and I look forward to the work we can continue to do on behalf of the people of Senate District 2.”

The majority of state representative seats in Rogers County went to the Republican candidate by between 58 and 71 percent.

Those winners were Rusty Cornwell for District 6, Incumbent Tom Gann for District 8, Incumbent Mark Lepak for District 9, Incumbent Terry O’Donnell for District 23.

“It is gratifying to know that a majority of voters in Oklahoma House District 8 share similar values of small, conservative government and holding the state Legislature and state agencies accountable for spending and programs,” said Gann. “I look forward to continuing to serve the interests of the people who live in this district at the state Capitol. I also was pleased that Oklahomans elected conservative outsider Kevin Stitt to serve as the state’s governor. I support Stitt’s agenda and look forward to helping him improve the function of government in our great state. With wise fiscal policies that serve the needs of our residents, we really can make Oklahoma a top 10 state.”

Democrat John Waldron won State Representative for District 77 by 58.4 percent.

Incumbent Dan Delozier won Rogers County Commissioner for District 1 by a slim 150 vote margin.

The Rogers County Associate District Judge race went to Kassie McCoy with 52.5 percent of the vote over Stanton Harrell.

Rogers County also kept all of the judges for the courts of criminal and civil appeals.

Rogers County mirrored the state results in regards to each of the state questions.