The road to progress in Verdigris

Pictured: Rogers County Commissioner Ron Burrows, RCIDA Director Debi Ward, Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilor Keith Austin, and Verdigris Mayor Keith Crawford.

With Tractor Supply up and running, the town of Verdigris is set to expand beyond bedroom community and industrial park to include a small commercial district.

Four public entities and one out-of-state developer are responsible for the growth.

When developer Brad and Dad LLC first began to consider a contract with Tractor Supply for a portion of their 18 acres in Verdigris, the company turned to the town of Verdigris, Rogers County Industrial Development Authority, the Cherokee Nation and the Rogers County Board of Commissioners with a request.

“Would we pay for the road that runs behind the store here?” Burrows said.

The group agreed that commercial development would be good for the community, so the town of Verdigris, RCIDA and the Cherokee Nation agreed to split the cost of the road three ways, with Rogers County fronting the portion to be reimbursed by the Cherokee Nation.

The road will connect 530 Road to Amah Parkway and open up the undeveloped land for use to encourage further development and grow the town of Verdigris and their sales tax base.

“This was a blighted area to start with,” said RCIDA Director Debi Ward.

“A desert,” added Verdigris Mayor Keith Crawford, expressing gratitude that the more rural residents of Verdigris won’t have to travel as far as Catoosa or Claremore for necessities.

The Tractor Supply created 14 new jobs in the community, and future developments in the area will create more.

“It’s a total win-win,” Burrows said.

Brad and Dad LLC, intends to bring in several other commercial chains, though none have been officially announced.

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