During the sentencing hearing this week, prosecutors described Julian Watson's crimes as "every woman's nightmare."

Julian Watson, Talala, 21, was arrested in December of 2017 for rape, burglary and assault charges.

Last December a Claremore woman heard something in her living room, a knocking sound. The living room is where she found Watson, armed with a knife, his face covered with a mask and his hands covered with gloves.

This is according to police records filed at the time.

The victim describes being tied up and raped for hours while Watson made various death threats if she called the police.

When Watson left, he stole a few items.

The man later picked up by Claremore police officers after they saw him walking down the street.

In custody, he told officers he broke into the victim's house the night prior to the assault. He said he broke a window while the victim wasn't home, and stole more than $50 from the residence. Watson told officers he entered the residence through the back door the following night, while wearing a mask. He admitted that he held the victim at knife-point, but told the officers the sex was consensual. Later, officers report, Watson said he "had to talk the victim into having sex with him."

Watson admitted he threatened to kill the woman if she told anyone.

These details were recounted during a sentencing hearing this week, during which prosecutors also described Watson's motive: "He was extremely angry at a woman in his life, and he punished our victim for it because she reminded him of that woman."

This week, a Rogers County judge announced that Watson was sentenced to 35 years in prison on each of two counts of rape, to run concurrently. He was sentenced to 10 years for robbery, 20 years for assault while wearing a mask, and seven years for burglary.