Six months in Blooms moves to new location

Six months ago Blooms on the Blvd. opened on Claremore's Main Street with a commitment to giving the community what they want.

This month, with a move ahead of them, they're still doing just that.

Owners Sheena Riley and Tina Conder-Riley said at the six month mark they took a hard look at their reports to determine which parts of the business—which featured floral arrangements, gourmet fudge, Bill's Famous lemonade, and gift and boutique items— was the most successful.

"We pulled all of our reports and kind of investigated and navigated where the money was coming from, what was making us money and what was not. And 100 percent over it's the flowers," Sheena said. "So that is what inspired us to focus 90 percent of our business on floristry. The gift items do pretty well, but like the clothes and candles really didn’t… We need to focus on what Blooms is all about. The Blooms."

She said they were offered a studio room a few blocks over and it seemed like the perfect fit.

"With all the inventory being out of here it didn't make sense to have this huge space," she added.

The shop's popular Bill's Famous Lemonade, is still up in the air.

"The lemonade was amazing. It went over great. We do not know yet if we will be bringing it to the new location or not. It is a very small, quaint, cozy location so we just don't know yet," she said. "It's our franchise, we still own it. So we can bring it back at any time."

In the new location, Blooms will feature an all-new succulent plant section, which Sheena said their loyal customers are excited about.

They said some customers have said they will follow Blooms wherever they go.

"We are very sad to leave the boulevard," she said. "But really, we'll just be two blocks over."

Blooms' popular classes will continue, with a slight change.

"The classes will be at our house now," Sheena explained. "Our next one is February 12, for our Valentine's Day edition."

Blooms is still operating on the boulevard until Jan. 14 when the doors open at their new location at 405 W. 1st Street.

"We will be Blooms Studio. Our entrance is not accessible from the front… We’re in with the Harold Law Office but we have our own door. You can park on the east side and walk around, or pull around back to our door and parking," she said.