Editors Note: This story contains details some may find graphic in nature.

UPDATE: Felony charges were filed against Bradley Bales and Madison Broyles today in Rogers County District Court. They are each facing felony charges of first degree murder and desecration of human corpse.

On June 8 human remains were found in a Catoosa residence, prompting an investigation by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Late yesterday, an arrest for first degree murder was made in connection to the discovery.

According to court records filed in the case, 33-year old Bradley Bales has been arrested on allegations of first degree murder.

“Observations and evidence collected from the scene indicated the death was likely not the result of suicide, accidental, or natural causes,” according to court records. “The body had been burnt and was in a stage of decomposition.”

Through the investigation, law enforcement determined the identity of the deceased.

“Just four hours before the body was located, law enforcement officials observed the vehicle at a residence in Tulsa. The vehicle was parked at the residence by Jose Rivas. Rivas informed OSBI that he received the vehicle from Elmer Maravilla,” records show. “Rivas’ interest in the vehicle was for parts. Maravilla informed OSBI that he purchased the vehicle for $700 from Madison Broyles, who was associated with Kayla Harche.”

Harche later admitted to being in the vehicle, presumably after the man’s death.

One of the parties involved identified Bales as the killer.

Bales reportedly confronted the man in a dispute about a broken window and a physical altercation broke out.

“Bales woke to see [the deceased] on the shop floor and Broyles was holding a gas can. Bales turned to leave and turned to see [the deceased] on fire. They fled the scene in the man’s truck.”

Bales has been booked into Rogers County Jail.

This is an arrest only as charges have not yet been filed in Rogers County District Court.

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