Water rationing

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An emergency declaration and mandatory non-essential use water rationing is in place for parts of Rural Water District 3 in Rogers County as of 7:30 p.m. Tuesday until further notice.

Non-essential use rationing applies to all Rural Water District 3 members from Keetonville Hill to the northeast including Foyil, Bushyhead and Chelsea.

The Rural Water District 3 Board of Trustees voted Tuesday evening to declare the situation as an emergency and institute the mandatory rationing following the loss of a critical 12-inch waterline that runs underneath the spillway where Oologah Lake supplies the Verdigris River.

Examples of non-essential water usage includes landscaping, yards, trees, gardens, car washing, and filling pools.

In a statement to residents the district wrote, “The undamaged water lines are not capable of supplying the volume of water for normal use at this time. Currently, storage facilities are very low, and water available for household use and fire protection is jeopardized.”

“Without immediate reduction of water consumption, the entire district could find itself in a very dangerous position in regards to health and public safety,” the district stated. “The district needs everyone to conserve as much a possible and adhere to the mandatory water rationing plan to keep the water flowing and keep the district’s patrons in a suitable supply of potable water.”

“The district desperately needs everyone to remain calm, conserve as much as possible and adhere to the mandatory rationing plan.”

According to rural water district by-laws, non-complying customers will be written a warning for the first offense. Subsequent offenders risk having their water shut off at the meter.

“This situation is extremely serious and if the mandatory water rationing is not honored, and current conditions remain, the district will have to curtail further usage by further and more stringent rationing,” the district stated.

“Without the cooperation of all patrons, the water supply of the district could reach critically low levels, affecting potable water supplies and water available for fire protections,” the district stated. “If everyone conserves, hopefully we can get through this difficult time.”

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The map for mandatory rationing is the same as this map that the district put out Tuesday for voluntary, precautionary boil. Areas included in this map are: All of Blue Starr Road North, Arrowhead Estates, Avian Country, Brook Hollow, Bama Tracts, Canyon Oaks, Canyon View, Cedar Springs, Clover Creek, Country Estates, Hickory Hollow, Hobbs Creek, Keetonville Ridge, Lake View Estates, Limestone, Lipes, New 88, North Haven I, North Haven II, North Haven III, Oaklawn Park, Old 88, Owalla Valley Estates, Park Addition, Pecan Ridge, Pine Meadows, Quail Creek, Quail Ridge, Rolling Meadows, Rolling Meadows Park, Sageeyah Estates, Shadow Brook Estates, Shadow Lake Estates, Shadow Ridge Estates, Sky Line, Stone Creek, Stone Hedge, Sunrise Addition, Trails End, View Point Estates, West Gate, Woodcrest Heights and Yorkshire View.