Verdigris sock drive

Verdigris Student Council Secretary Lauren Fisher and President Jacob York promote this year’s student body community service project. 

Verdigris High School students are warming hearts and toes with a sock drive to benefit Night Light Tulsa.

Student Council President Jacob York and Secretary Lauren Fisher spoke about the drive and the goal to raise even more donations in the second year.

“Last year it was a big hit for us, so we decided to do it again this year,” York said.

Each fourth hour high school class has a box in their room for collecting donations.

“It’s a competition,” York said. “Whoever raises the most socks will get a pizza party.”

During the 2018-19 school year, the high school and junior high collected over 1,000 pairs of socks, with more than 500 pairs coming from one classroom.

Although only the high school is participating in the sock drive this year, the student council is confident they can exceed those numbers.

“It is life changing to serve,” York said. “We are here to serve, not only the school, but the whole community.”

Night Light Tulsa is a weekly event on Thursday nights to benefit the homeless population of Tulsa by offering a warm meal, clothing, essential items, books, foot washing, a kids zone and a community atmosphere.

Once all the socks have been collected, the approximately 50 members of the student council will attend Night Light Tulsa themselves to help serve for an evening as well as hand out the student body’s donations.

“Night Light is a humbling experience,” York said. “When you see these people, grateful for a pair of socks, it really makes you think about what you have around you … I think students should see what it is like to make someone’s day.”

“In the long run, you are helping somebody, and that feeling is the best feeling ever,” Fisher said. “To make someone happy and cozy at the end of the day, that’s wonderful.”

The community can get involved as well, York said.

Public donations of new, never-worn socks can be dropped off in the high school office.

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