Claremore Public Schools Superintendent Bryan Frazier announced the start of a game plan in the return of his weekly "Fridays with Frazier" videos.

The linchpin of that plan is to return to school August 20, with multiple enrollment options for families. 

CPS guaranteed parents that they will offer a full-time online education option, a hybrid online and in-person education option, and a traditional education option with face-to-face schooling.

"Traditional, as we say it, is going to look much different," Frazier said, but the details of the traditional option are still unknown, and could vary depending on emergency circumstances. Many other details of the school's reopening plan are also still unknown, including whether or not masks will be required in parts of the building.

"This is the first installment of many to come, on a weekly basis," Frazier said in the video. "Our goal is to give you information as it is available, and eventually to have a complete plan so you will know exactly what we are going to be doing."

After speaking with numerous state officials and collecting data, Frazier said the district is close to releasing a full reopening plan to the public.

"As always, the things that are number one to us are the safety of our students, of our staff, every staff member and teacher, as well as out community and families," Frazier said. 

The school district sent parent and teacher surveys out in May and June to get response about the two months of distance learning.

The result of the survey was an understanding that there are four key parts to distance learning: availability of high-quality internet in the area, individual access to internet, devices that allow students to connect, and digital IQ. 

While the school district has no control over the actions of private internet providers, they are currently working on plans to halo each campus with free wifi, and the district has purchased personal electronic devices for each student and teacher. 

"In the 2021 school year, every single student, with the exception of pre-K, will be one-to-one," Frazier said. 

Improving digital IQ will involve teaching each student how to use their device safely and responsibly. It will also involve teaching parents how to navigate the hardware and software to help their students learn, in the event that the district is forced to implement distance learning. 

For students opting for a blended or traditional schooling option, masks may or may not be required during the school day.

"We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with absolute data, that masks do make a difference," Frazier said. "With that being said, all employees of Claremore Public Schools will be wearing a mask or a face shield. In regards to students, it is going to be highly recommended. It's not going to be mandatory."

Parents and students who would like to stay informed are encouraged to download the Claremore Public Schools app, check the website regularly, and follow Claremore Public Schools on social media. 

"I want to personally thank each one of you for your patience," Frazier said to parents and students. "These have certainly been unprecedented times. The fear of the unknown is what is so difficult to deal with."

"I want you to be confident and know that we are taking each one of these plans very, very seriously. We are proud to be Zebras, and we want you to be proud to be a Zebra too," Frazier said. 

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