Executive Director Art Turpel discusses the mission of Volunteers for Youth.

1. How did Volunteers for Youth begin?

In 1998, a group of citizens, including teachers, principals and the Chief of Police at the time heard a lecture on mentoring and said there needed to be a mentoring program in the Claremore and Rogers County.

2. What’s the mission of Volunteers for Youth?

Our mission is to work with children, with students. We want to better the youth of the community by working with them through our mentoring program.

3. Who does Volunteers for Youth serve?

We work with students from 5-years-old all the way up to 18-years-old. We work with schools all throughout Rogers County. Our program is a school-based program. Mentees are recommended by the schools. It’s a way of trying to work with them and give them a listening ear.

4. How can people within the community help?

We’re funded by donations, but were also always in the need for volunteers and mentors to work with students. We have all sorts of ways people can help. They can support us financially, but really we need some people who can donate one hour a week during the school year.

5. How does Volunteers for Youth raise funds?

We have an event coming up. The Volunteers for Youths 10th annual “Chair”-ity Auction will be a virtual event from March 4 – 12. The theme is repurposed furniture. We are in search of donated items for this annual event.

Basic Info

Age of Nonprofit: 22.

Area of focus: Students.

Contact info: 918-343-2530.

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