An arrest warrant has been issued for a man facing second degree murder charges in Rogers County.

Court records show a warrant was issued for the arrest of Dylan Bowlin, 26, on Friday.

Records state, “On Friday, Aug. 3 at approximately 11:52 p.m. a fatal motor vehicle collision occurred on Interstate 44, six miles east of Claremore.”

Trooper Dustin Thornton, with Oklahoma Highway Patrol, determined, “Dylan Bowlin arrived at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa at 9 p.m. in a dark colored Ford Edge and went inside. He consumed three mixed drinks and two beers from 9:08 p.m. to 11:05 p.m. and departed Hard Rock Casino at 11:24 p.m.”

Trooper Thornton reports that Bowlin left the casino and, at some point, entered the eastbound side of Interstate 44.

“For an unknown reason, Bowlin turns around between the Claremore gate and the Adair gate and is now westbound in the eastbound lane,” he reports, adding that another driver narrowly missed being struck by Bowlin.

“Bowlin soon encountered a semi truck that was eastbound in the inside lane. The truck driver attempted to avoid Bowlin by swerving right, but Bowlin side-swiped the truck trailer then struck the rear trailer tires. After Bowlin and the semi-truck separated, Bowlin struck Elidia Carey, who was traveling behind the semi, head-on,” the trooper reports.

Both Bowlin’s vehicle and Carey’s 2010 Dodge Challenger ignited.

Witnesses were able to pull Bowlin from his vehicle and Carey died on scene, Thornton reported.

Later, during an interview with Trooper Thornton, Bowlin reportedly said he had consumed one mixed drink and two beers at the casino, that he remembers getting in his car but nothing else prior to waking up in the hospital. He reportedly told Thornton he had used methamphetamine and marijuana a couple days prior to the collision.

“He stated he did not know why he was on the turnpike, which was not his normal route to take home to Chelsea,” Thornton reported, adding that Bowlin had a prior conviction for driving under the influence in 2012.