Many county roads and bridges remain impassable this weekend as storm water from May continues to recede.

Officials said it is still too early to know the extent of the damage and complete repairs could take six months or more.

“We’ve had some bad floods, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” District 1 County Commissioner Dan Delozier said.

Most damaged roads have had emergency repairs to make them drivable. However, as of Friday, some are still covered in water.

“Some of the water is so deep we don’t even know what the damage is yet,” Delozier said.

“Damage assessment cannot even begin until the water goes down and will take some time,” District 2 Commissioner Steve Hendrix said. “Until we can actually see all of our roads and bridges, its just way too early for cost estimates.”

Due to Governor Kevin Stitt declaring all 77 counties disaster eligible, Rogers County has implemented the appropriate record keeping and documentation in order to have all repairs associated with this disaster eligible for reimbursement.

The county is fully prepared to cover the upfront costs of repair.

“We will be reimbursed 100 percent on most projects from FEMA and the federal Department of Transportation,” Delozier said.

Delozier estimated a six month timeline on fixing all the storm damaged roads in the county.

“We know these road and highway closings are an inconvenience for everyone,” Hendrix said in the Monday county commissioner meeting. “The reason is and will remain public safety. These roads will be closed until they are safe for public traffic. We will get them open as soon as we can.”


Roads closed as of Friday

4120 Road North of Bible Hill

350 Road West of 4120 Road

4200 and 320 Roads North

4200 and 320 Roads South of Winganon Store

355 Road at Spencer Creek

390 Road at Blue Creek

400 and 4150 Roads

330 Road between 4200 and 4210 Roads

370 Road West of 4180 Road

Roads damaged but open

460 and 4190 Roads

430 and 4260 Roads

440 and 4220 Roads

4300 and 320 Roads

450 and 4190 Roads

330 and 4310 Roads

290 and 4210 Roads

4190 and 380 Roads

4290 and railroad underpass

300 and 4280 Roads

300 and Oakleys Roads

4250 Road between Highway 28A and 410 Road

4200 Road between 410 and 420 Roads

Shady Lane

300 Road between Highway 28A and 4230 Road

Wards Grove


Roads closed as of Friday

Old Highway 88 East of the Verdigris River Bridge

Highway 88 North of Claremore

4120 Road between 310 Road and 320 Road

310 Road between 4120 Road and 4130 Road

Southern Keetonville Road near Honey Creek Bridge

Bridge 77 on 156th Street North in Collinsville

Several residential roads near the river bottoms west of Highway 88

Roads damaged but open

Washout on 460 Road between 400 Road and 390 Road has been temporarily repaired and is open for travel

The Winganon Crossing over Oologah Lake was temporarily closed, but has been reopened. Traffic is sharing one lane, controlled by stoplights at both ends.

“During the closure, over 2,000 tons of 24 inch rock was placed on the south side of the causeway to check the erosion,” Hendrix said. “Permanent repairs will be a lengthy process.”


Roads closed as of Friday

Red Bud Valley Road

NS 4110 Road between West Highway 20 and EW 500 Road

EW 500 Road between NS 4120 & NS 4130 Roads

NS 4170 Road between EW 530 & EW 540 Roads

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