City employees fixed the water line rupture at South Ninth Street and South Choctaw Avenue in two hours. The level of flooding was safe for passage and did not impact the interior of any nearby homes.

Claremore residents in and around Ninth Street South and South Choctaw Avenue experienced some light flooding and water quality issues Monday morning resulting from a waterline break.

According to city officials, an electric crew was boring underground while conducting electrical work in the area and accidentally punctured a main city water line.

Public works administrator Jonah Humes said, “you’ll always have water quality issues when a main line is hit like that because dirt gets in there.”

The line was fixed within two hours and crews flushed the line to remove most of the dirt and debris.

“Some of that will always get into some of the residents’ waterlines and private services, but typically it’s not very much and it goes away pretty quickly,” Humes said.

Excess water in the roadway and culverts was cleaned up and dried by the afternoon.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” Humes said. “Accidents happen. We do our best to fix it as quickly as possible.”