This week the Board of County Commissioners approved obtaining a detailed traffic study as part of an ongoing street project.

The future of Keetonville Road, they said, changed the type of study needed.

Commissioner Steve Hendrix said the more detailed traffic study was recommended by Guy Engineering.

"We need an additional traffic study, which has been recommended by Guy Engineering. We're trying to align three different roads: 193rd Street phase 2, intersection with 76th street north, which could extend 76th Street to Keetonville Road," said Hendrix. "They need to be very certain what type of design they need for that intersection. Whether it's a stoplight, a roundabout or anything elseā€”it requires a very detailed traffic study, more than just a traffic counter laid across the road, to make sure we design the right intersection for the future so we won't have to go back and fix it later."

The request for the traffic study comes with a $3,900 expense, on top of the pre-existing study.