Which streets are the worst?: Pavement Maintenance Plan nearing completion

A project to take inventory of the quality of Claremore streets is nearly complete.

In January, city leaders set out to determine which city streets are the worst in order to determine how to later prioritize repairs.

They signed an $81,000 contract with MKEC for the completion of a Pavement Maintenance Plan.

"This is a pavement management plan for the entire city. They will have someone come in and GIS all our streets, lengths, widths, pavement material, and they will also come in an analyze each section of pavement which allows them to put all this into a program and come up with a Pavement Quality Index," said Claremore City Engineer Garrett Ball, adding that the index will allow the city to know the quality of the streets and where the most deficient areas are.

This week city leaders signed three invoices, totaling $35,180.

Also this week, Ball told the Progress, "All of the mapping is complete. They are preparing reports now. It looks like they will finish in the next few weeks."

He said the project will be ending within budget.

"This is going to provide us critical data to base pavement rehab, reconstruction and pavement maintenance for the next several years," he said.

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