Four water lines have burst because of the freezing weather throughout Claremore since Monday.

Those bursts include a line on Paradise Lane near Valley Parkway, on Sioux just south of Park Street, 12th Street near Dorothy, and Ramm Road and 66.

Claremore Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Sean Douglas said cold weather creates issues, including changes to the water supply and distribution system for the city.

“The really cold weather causes the ground to change and can break pipes,” he said “Those crews have been out and busy in really bad weather.”

Douglas said they also have to worry about the ground moving again once the temperature rises.

“As things start to thaw out a little bit, people will start to notice a few things,” he said.

One in particular would be sprinkler systems. Douglas said they have responded to six busted fire sprinkler systems.

“If the building can not maintain adequate heat, then we’ll end up with a lot of those calls,” he said.

He said the damage is from the water lines freezing in the sprinkler system.

The other issue Douglass said they run into is residential pipes busting.

The tips Douglass shared to prevent pipes from busting in the house is to drip faucets and open cabinets doors so the warm air can reach the pipes.

If a pipe does burst, Douglas said to shut the water off to the house.

Douglas said pipes that are frozen will begin to thaw as temperatures begin to rise and show additional leaks.

“People may not find the problems until the pipes thaw out,” he said.

Douglas said they have received 18 calls related to the winter weather since Feb. 10.

Eight were for a motor vehicle assist, two for a down power line, six for frozen sprinkler systems, one house fire and two space heater fires.

The Claremore Police Department has received 21 calls since Saturday, according to CPD Public Information Officer Brian Burnett.

Twelve of those calls were for motor assists, four for injury crashes and five for non-injury crashes.

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