Two men who broke into an Inola residence were met by a woman armed with a gun.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office reports that Jeffrey Stevenson and Jeffrey Lyon were arrested following a burglary Saturday.

RCSO deputies were dispatched to Ranchette Road in regards to a burglary in progress and were told by the reporting party there was a man, later identified as Jeffrey Lyon, actively attempting to get inside the house she was staying in.

While law enforcement was on their way, he reportedly got inside the house through the first floor bathroom window—but was promptly held at gunpoint by the homeowner, according to RCSO.

Lyon "assaulted [the victim] and attempted to take possession of the firearm," according to RCSO records.

RCSO reports that multiple neighbors heard a scream and came to help. Lyon ran to the second floor of the residence and was attempting to jump out of a window when one of the neighbors, now in possession of the gun, fired a warning shot into the ground.

According to deputies, "Lyon and Stevenson began advancing towards [the neighbors] so he fired another warning shot into the ground to create distance from himself and both men. Lyon was still advancing…so he fired a third and final warning shot into the ground."

"Inola Police Officer Wilson arrived and had Lyon and [the neighbors] at gunpoint. Stevenson had gone back inside the residence prior to deputies arriving. Stevenson then came back outside and began yelling and cussing at Officer Wilson. At this time Deputy Morris arrived and attempted to speak with Stevenson," according to RCSO's Deputy Fullerton.

"I arrived shortly after Morris and observed Morris to have Stevenson on the ground in a struggle and Lyon in a fighting stance actively advancing towards Officer Wilson. I then ran to Wilson's side and delivered a pain compliance strike taking Lyon to the ground. Wilson and myself gave Lyon several verbal commands to give us his hands and roll over onto his stomach. Lyon was non-compliant with commands given. I delivered pain compliance strikes to Lyon in an attempt to place him in hand restraints."

In the course of the altercation, Stevenson head-butted a deputy, according to RCSO reports. Deputy Fullerton said he used his department-issued taser twice to gain compliance and get Stevenson in handcuffs.

As Stevenson was placed in handcuffs, Lyon stood up and took off running before surrendering a short distance away, according to Deputy Fullerton.

When all was said and done both men were arrested.

Stevenson is facing charges of burglary in the first degree, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting an officer and obstructing an officer.

Lyon is facing charges of escape after felony arrest, burglary in the first degree, resisting an officer, assault and battery and obstructing an officer.