Crews were seen working on the wiring at Highway 66 and Will Rogers Boulevard Wednesday.

Work is underway on the $370,000 Claremore traffic light synchronization project expected to dramatically improve traffic within the city.

In December, Ten key intersections along Highway 66, Will Rogers Boulevard, J.M. Davis Boulevard, Patti Page and Blue Starr Drive were selected to have a true-presence radar detection system installed.

The system will be able to sense how many vehicles are at an intersection and plan accordingly.

It will also allow the city automate the traffic lights for peak travel hours.

“It provides reliable detection so that traffic can flow as efficiently as possible,” said Vice President of SignalTek Walter Floyd, the company installing the sensors.

So far work has been completed on two traffic system cabinets at Blue Starr and Missouri, two battery back-ups at Cherokee and Patti Page, eight intersections have been re-wired, preliminary traffic counts have been down allowing for work to begin on intersection timing plans and the underground and above wiring has been completed at Blue Starr.

Work still remains to install the detection devices and to complete underground wiring at Will Rogers Boulevard.

Upgrades and installation are expected to be complete by April with the system going live in May.

Assistant City Manager Jonah Humes said, “I have 100 percent confidence the traffic will be better.”