Claremore High School students were recently tasked by Teresa Hardesty with the Rogers County Election Board to create several original pieces of poster art to remind people to vote in the upcoming election.

“With voter turnout at record lows in the last few elections, we felt that Claremore students could use their artistic abilities to help remind, encourage and motivate people to participate in November’s election,” Hardesty said. “The finished products will be on display in the windows of local merchants around Claremore to inspire people in Claremore and Rogers County to vote.”

Students in Karla Kelman and Davis Estes’s art classes at the high school rose to the challenge, creating more than 25 works of voting-inspired art.

“We want people to remember that voting is a privilege — it’s their chance for their voices to be heard,” said senior Shelby Kidwell.

“The posters themselves are non-biased and non-party related, but simply our youth’s efforts to raise awareness on the importance for everyone to vote,” Hardesty said.

The CHS art students’ artistic election posters will begin appearing in storefront windows in and around the Claremore area this week.