Annie's got aim.

Her first time behind a blow gun, 5-year old Annie Warren took aim and landed herself the opportunity to compete in the finals of the 14th Annual Traditional Native Games in Tahlequah later this month.

Annie, who starts kindergarten in Inola this week, competed in the qualifying events of the Native Games in Jay last Saturday and qualified in both blowgun and the cornstalk shoot.

Mom, Bekah Warren, said she could not have been more proud, "It was hot and she was competing against older kids… but she stuck it out."

"It was a neat experience. She’s shot at the Cherokee holidays the last two years, which is more of an exhibition shoot rather than a full out competition. I’m curious to see the Native Games finals in Tahlequah; there will be a lot of talent there," Bekah said. "The community aspect has been the best part. They were all rooting for her to hit the target, the older boys were helping her, and a gentleman who is a staple at the games gave her a couple of arrows. She practices several days a week and really enjoys it so I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes her."

Annie got her start from her uncle, James Sutteer.

In an interview with Cherokee Nation, Sutteer said the games are a way for his family to connect with each other and with their heritage: "I want them to be able to make connections with their culture…I want them to be curious, and to know where they're from."