MUSKOGEE, Okla. — The Tuesday shooting of a Muskogee man by police has been described as a "suicide by cop" in a Muskogee Police Department release.

The release included a PowerPoint presentation, relevant 911 calls and radio traffic, and the body cam footage of five police officers at the scene of the encounter with Danny Brogdon. Brogdon, 56, was shot and killed after multiple attempts by officers to disarm him of a large kitchen knife. By the time officers arrived, Brogdon had stabbed and beaten two women inside the house.

The call logs and footage paint a clearer picture of the encounter, which began with a panicked 911 call by one of the injured women, Jennifer Dodd.

"I've been stabbed, he knocked my teeth out, he's killing my mom," Dodd tells the dispatcher. "Hurry, he's killing my mother now."

Sgt. Ron Yates is the first MPD officer to arrive on the scene, according to the footage from his body cam. The presentation notes that Yates and Sgt. Jeremy Jenkins each arrived "less than three minutes" after the initial 911 call. 

Yates approaches the house and asks Brogdon, who is standing in the doorway with a kitchen knife, his name.

"My name is die, that's what my name is," Brogdon tells Yates. "I'm ready to die."

Yates draws his weapon and trains it on Brogdon, and the two end up in the residence's living room while Yates repeatedly pleads with Brogdon to put the knife down. Brogdon ignores Yates long enough to one-handedly get a glass out of a cupboard and fill it with water. Yates continues to plead with Brogdon, who takes a slow step toward the now-gathered officers in the doorway.

"If you take another step towards us, I will fire, do you understand?" Yates asks.

"Yeah, I understand," Brogdon responds. "I want to die. I want to die today."

As Yates continues trying to convince Brogdon to put down the knife, police discover the second victim, Debra Smith, unconscious on the floor behind a kitchen island. Brogdon identifies her as his wife. Body cam footage from Officer Michelle Ogden shows that Smith has been stabbed, badly beaten in the face, and has a belt tied around her throat. 

As officers cross around the island, an officer attempts to tase Brogdon, to no effect.

"You got another one?" Brogdon says.

Another officer cuts the belt away from Smith's neck and helps Ogden drag Smith through the garage and out of the house. 

"Drag her like the dog she is," Brogdon can be heard saying in the background.

Smith begins groaning as Ogden helps paramedics get Smith onto a stretcher, and then Ogden rejoins the officers in the house.

Still inside the home, Yates continues to try defusing the situation. He tells the other officers to leave the home to try a different method of disarming him.

“We’ll leave him in here. We’ll get the team, we’ll get them to come get him," Yates says. 

After Brogdon attempts to taunt the officers into shooting him, Yates can be heard saying, "Don't give him what he wants. That's what he wants."

However, as officers leave the house and back away from the door, Brogdon emerges, prompting another standoff between him and the officers.

"We can work on this," Yates says, to which Brogdon responds: "The only thing we're going to work in is covering a funeral."

The standoff continues as officers back up to the sidewalk and eventually the street, with Brogdon slowly walking toward them.

"She left me this morning," Brogdon says.

It's not until a plan to disarm him using a flashbang and a beanbag fails that Brogdon advances, forcing officers to open fire. Brogdon goes down quickly, face down and motionless. When officers turn him over, there appears to be a wound in his forehead. Brogdon was later declared dead at the scene. 

The presentation notes that officers spent almost 19 minutes attempting to address the situation non-lethally, commanding Brogdon more than 100 times to drop the knife.

"Despite the danger Mr. Brogdon presented, Sergeant Yates and the other Muskogee officers present took extraordinary steps to try and de-escalate this scenario in an attempt to avoid the use of deadly force," the presentation states. "...ultimately, Mr. Brogdon left the officers with no other choice but to deploy deadly force to stop the threat."

The case now goes to Muskogee County District Attorney Orvil Loge to determine whether or not the shooting is justified.