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Pence has consistently responded in measured, reasonable tones to the attacks on his character and misrepresentations of his beliefs. Hardly the reactions of a dangerous demonic demagogue.

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Sen. James Lankford’s glowing commentary about the tax cuts was notable for the absence of any mention about how they contributed to an explosion of the national debt and budget deficit. 

With decorum and civility tossed out the window in the Beltway, it should come as no surprise when the rancor and crassness trickle down to communities. A prime example was on full display here Monday night.

As most people can remember from recent news cycles, liberal politicians are fond of informing Americans we are a nation of immigrants. They have even gone so far as to say immigrants commit fewer crimes than natural-born U.S. citizens.

Pittsburg County Commissioner Ross Selman’s handling of a parking spot dispute with law enforcement lacks professionalism.

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The public school classroom is no place to carry out a political statement. That’s really what House Bill 2336 amounts to – a bill that lowers training requirements for school personnel to carry a firearm. It has moved through Senate Committee after passing the House last month. 

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“Having defended Fort Sumter for thirty-four hours, until the quarters were entirely burned, the main gates destroyed by fire, the gorge walls seriously injured, the magazine surrounded by flames, and its door closed from the effects of heat, four barrels and three cartridges of powder only being available, and no provisions remaining but pork, I accepted terms of evacuation offered by General Beauregard, being the same offered by him on the 11th instant, prior to the commencement of hostilities, and marched out of the fort Sunday afternoon, the 14th instant, with colors flying and drums beating, bringing away company and private property, and saluting my flag with fifty guns.” ~ From the Official Record of the War of the Rebellion.

Despite Oklahoma's shaky reputation in the education arena, and the lack of respect shown to teachers by some in the Legislature, Tahlequah Public Schools is always coming up with innovative ways to ensure its students have the best opportunities. That happened again, with the school board's decision to buy basic school supplies for younger pupils beginning next fall.

This may be a hard proposition to follow in our increasingly polarized society, to believe there is even the possibility of middle ground, or anything in between total success and complete failure.

In Natrona County, Wyoming, there is a distinctive rock formation adjacent to a nearby oil field. The rock formation, at one time, resembled a teapot, but the forces of erosion resulted in the rock's losing the handle and spout eventually.

Americans are rightly proud of and fiercely protective of our freedom, enshrined in our Constitution and specified in the Bill of Rights. These rights were written to protect us from governmental tyranny at a time when government was the biggest threat to those freedoms. But there's a new Even Bigger Brother now, and the Bill of Rights isn't much protection against megacorporations.

Last Friday, the Press received several phone calls, emails and texts from alarmed readers who had seen a man walking around town wearing a swastika armband. Photos were shared on social media, and astonishment was expressed.

The preamble of the Constitution lays out six goals in simple terms, without any exceptions. The last of these six brilliantly devised principles is intended to secure the "blessings of liberty" to descendants of all Americans. But what if someone decides he wants to kill his descendants? Is that guaranteeing the blessing of liberty is secured, or securing one's own lifestyle at the expense of the life/liberty of their posterity? The latter is the reality of abortion.

After dismantling its 20-member Particulate Matter Review Panel, the Environmental Protection Agency seems set to change its position on air quality from “breathing soot is bad for your health and safety” to “can’t prove it” — much like the approach tobacco companies used for years to fend off regulations for creating similar health risks.

Last week, journalist Rob O’Dell shared a popular social media thread that sparked a lot of interest in his work and that of the Arizona Republic, Center for Public Integrity and USA Today to track state legislation created from model legislation. Model legislation is essentially copying and pasting bills from other states, sometimes created by corporations, but also nonprofits and advocacy groups. 

When it comes to physical contact between human beings, today's hyper-sensitive climate offers two conclusions: Either any type of contact is on its way out, or its acceptability depends on the political party of those involved.

One year ago I wrote about the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how far we need to advance to overcome the still-endemic racism, bigotry and injustice in American society.

In December 2017, President Trump signed a $1.5 trillion tax code overhaul bill, and early last month, the Treasury Department reported within the first four months of the budget year, the deficit was at $310.3 billion. A year ago, the deficit stood at $175.7 billion. One result has been the decline in revenue collected from individuals and corporations, and the higher federal deficit is the result of increased spending for Social Security, defense, and interest on the national debt. One source of U.S. revenue, however, is on the increase, and that is the result of the Trump tariffs on China and other nations. The taxes collected on imports are up by 91 percent from the same time a year ago.

The Tahlequah Daily Press has always been a fan of Hamid Vahdatipour and the professional way in which he has led Lake Region Electric Cooperative. Anyone who's been around long enough to have witnessed the malfeasance and mismanagement of a few past CEOs would agree.

Relationships make the world go 'round. And that's exactly why Cherokee Nation's Community and Cultural Outreach Department helped foster connections between at-large Cherokee communities and local nonprofit groups within the tribe's boundaries. This "sister community" effort was started to provide community organizations, both local and at-large, an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and resources.

As former Vice President Joe Biden prepares for a possible run at the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, he has come under scrutiny for his interactions with other people, especially with women.

It took extremists to bring health care forcefully to public attention, but moderate Democrats who are trying to introduce a universal health care system are not as far off base as you might think.

They call themselves the Association of American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. I like to think of ALEC as the connective tissue between lawmakers from state to state who pledge to the triple crown of conservative goals: limited government, free markets and federalism.

"The United States could be out of avocados in as little as three weeks" was my favorite recent headlines reacting to the president's threats to shut down the southern border if Mexico does not stop incoming migrant caravans.

Steps taken to modernize Oklahoma liquor laws were long overdue, but efforts to open the state’s borders — and its markets — to real beer and wine may have left some owners of small farm wineries and winemakers withering on the vines.

Bishop Edward Rice of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau was right to seek an independent review of all diocesan personnel files to determine how many priests in southern Missouri have been accused of sexual abuse of minors. Rice asked for a “literal review of each and every note, letter and document that was available in each man’s file.”

Society as a whole has a tremendous responsibility to take care of the most vulnerable among us.

I don’t want to sound like an alarmist — there are enough of them on Facebook, in internet chat rooms and on blogs who like to hail the end of the world, then sell you over-priced survival food and gear.

This year, March not only came in like a lion, but it stayed one - an irritable, toothless old cat who is wont to snarl every time he notices movement in his vicinity. It stared with the Bob Seger concert the 9th, which I told you about the 16th. I was just getting started.

Just as no one should be surprised with the anticlimactic results of the Mueller probe, no one should be stunned by Michael Avenatti's arrest this week on charges of extortion.

A decision to invest the lion's share of a $270 million settlement with the maker of OxyContin in a program that studies and treats addiction as "a brain disease" and is "finding innovative ways to cure it" is smart move by the state in its landmark opioid lawsuit. 

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