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(Family Features) It’s that time of year when you think about getting organized for a fresh new start. But how many times have you thought about finally clearing out your closet, decided it’s just too overwhelming, and simply shut the door only to think about it later?

(Family Features) A fresh beginning with a new year is the perfect time for a health assessment to ensure you are ready to take on a full and active year ahead. Even if you're feeling great, it's a smart practice to take time to identify potential problems before they become more serious hea…

(Family Features) Winning a scholarship can be as competitive as gaining entrance to the college of your choice. While academic performance, extracurricular activities and character all matter, your success often boils down to discovering scholarships that fit your credentials and properly p…

A total of 13 Claremore residents, including recent Claremore High School graduates, participated in a mission trip more than 8,000 miles away in Lira, Uganda — a landlocked country in East Africa. 

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