A new school year is quickly approaching! As we prepare for the start of a new session, a top priority for both our state and city leaders is the safety of students and faculty.

In June, Governor Kevin Stitt issued an executive order to protect Oklahoma schools. The seven-point plan, titled Secure Oklahoma Schools, was developed with the state’s top law enforcement officials and will provide specialized training for both officers and teachers.

As part of this mandate, every Oklahoma school will be required to install a Rave Panic Button by September 1. This one-touch communication solution immediately connects campuses, faculty and first responders, allowing for immediate action during an emergency. All staff members at Claremore Public Schools will have the Rave application installed on their cell phones, enabling them to trigger one of five alarms if necessary. The alert will notify the appropriate school personnel and contact our 911 system. To decrease law enforcement response time, we are also enabling the software to simultaneously send both a text message and e-mail notification to all officers.

In addition to this new security program, Claremore’s public school campuses will continue to be served by two School Resource Officers (SROs). These members of the Claremore Police Department are dedicated to providing additional security during the school year. They partner closely with school administrators, staff, students and parents to handle a variety of issues as well as provide education on crime prevention. This vital program is funded by the City of Claremore and has been a great success. Our SROs will collaborate with Claremore’s administration to implement and deploy the new safety measures this school year.

I am a father, and nothing is more important to me than ensuring our school buildings remain a safe and positive environment for our community’s students and teachers. I am incredibly grateful to Governor Stitt for his leadership on this critical issue. I would also like to thank the Claremore Police Department and our resource officers, Officer Nate Turman and Officer Bobby Hagen, for their continued dedication and commitment to protecting our school system.

I hope these measures provide you with an extra sense of comfort and confidence as you send your child to school this year.

All my best,

John Feary

Claremore City Manager

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