Dear Editor,

The residents of Fourth and Fifth streets east of Choctaw, Claremore, Oklahoma would like to extend a very heart felt “thank you” to the Claremore Progress for the quick action taken in response to a petition to the Claremore City Counselors in their April 3 Monday evening meeting. This action and the following positive action by the mayor, city manager and city councilors undoubtedly saved several residents from very unfortunate circumstances.

The Claremore Progress, and especially a reporter by the name of Diana Dickinson, were very helpful to all of us residents. We would like to give an “ada-girl” to the Progress and especially Diana Dickinson.

The residents mentioned above asked for the removal of a dangerous tree damaged by the last big ice storm, which was threatening to take out the lines for all the residents in this area. Any one of the large tree limbs had the potential to do just that.

Unfortunately this scenario turned out to be true for one of the residents. At 5:30 a.m., one of the limbs came down in a high-wind event, resulting in the lines, meter box and electrical panel being stripped from the house on Fifth Street. Thankfully this residence was the only one affected with this wind event.

We are not sure what we would have would or could have done if it were not for this very much appreciated help from the Progress and Diana Dickinson. None of the residences above would have had the extra finances to have this menacing tree removed, even if we would have combined our financial forces. Most of the residents are retirees on a limited, fixed income and would have been drastically burdened.

All of these residents that would have been affected on East Fifth and East Fourth streets and North Choctaw are giving our thanks for a very quick and effective response by reporter Diana Dickinson and the Claremore Progress.


John Alexander

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