The Women’s March has come and gone for a third year. And while smaller than past years, hundreds of thousands of women still braved the frigid weather to exercise their First Amendment right to protest.

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Lest we somehow forget this is an election year, we still may need to remind a few folks about some of the struggles this state is facing. Most importantly, the people running for state legislature.

History is the chronological accomplishments of a certain group of people. If you lose this history, it is as though these people never existed. Claremore Museum of History honors the people that established this great city. The exhibits start in 1802 with the coming of the Osage Indians.

A few days have passed and all OSU fans, no doubt, have spent considerable time reflecting on the inconceivable outcome of Saturday’s game at Boone Pickens Stadium between our Cowboys and Central Michigan.

We have a lot of lessons to learn from this legislative term, but there may be nobody around to teach them if Dallas keeps poaching our high school educators.

There were a few uncertain moments last Tuesday night as a fast-moving weather system swept into the area, triggering a tornado watch in Rogers County. That watch was eventually upgraded to a warning — but the violent system came and went without leaving its mark on the community. It was a w…

NEW YORK, N. Y. — Nov. 25, 1928 — The football season is closing and college life is about over for the year. A few students will stay out the season for the dances, and some of the players may take up a couple of pipe courses and hang around till spring practice starts, but most of the good…

NEW YORK, N. Y. — Nov. 7, 1928 — FOR SALE. Would like to sell, trade, dispose of or give away to right parties franchise of what is humorously known as Democratic Party. Said franchise calls for license to enter in national elections; said right of franchise is supposed to be used every four…

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